Terms & Conditions (Consignors)

Thank you for your interest in The Reloved Rack. This document sets out the terms under which the Company will engage with you, the Consignor. This information is STRICTLY confidential and must not be distributed to any third party, in whole or part, without our express permission.


Our team will sort through your items to determine which can be resold. Various factors will be considered, including quality, wear and age, brand, and whether it can be reused.

Items in order of preference are bags, shoes, and accessories including sunglasses, jewelry etc. All defects must be disclosed and accessed before acceptance. We reserve the right to determine which goods will be accepted for listing with us.

We accept only brand new clothing.

All items must be cleaned/polished/dusted before sending through to use. Any item not meeting a basic standard of cleanliness will be returned or a fee of N10,000 flat will be charged to the consignor for cleaning/fixing of items.

Please include original packaging of all items where available. This includes – shoe boxes, dust bags etc.


We follow a pricing guide when determining prices on each item, taking into account its uniqueness. We provide a market-based suggested selling price, however final selling price is consignor determined and MUST be agreed before items are listed for sale. Our pricing is always commission inclusive and should NOT be taken as final payout to consignor.


We will take a percentage commission on each item or on the sum total of items sold on behalf of the Consignor as follows:

  • High Street Brands: 35%
  • Premium Designer Brands: 20%
  • Nigerian Brands: 35%

The brand category is determined by The Reloved Rack.


We will hold inventory for each Consignor for a maximum of 8 weeks or 60 days* at no cost – 0% storage fees. Consignor must indicate a percentage discount to be applied on each unsold item after 30 days and upon reaching 60 days still unsold, items will be returned.


Once we receive payment and deliver the goods in satisfactory condition to the buyer, we will process payment to the consignor within a week. All disputes with the buyer will be managed through us including possible refunds.

All remittances shall be made per item sold or lumped together as a single payment where multiple items are sold at the same time.

Any deviation from this must be agreed with the Consignor prior to listing of accepted items.

*Requests for extended storage periods may be granted at TRR’s discretion for a fee.