Terms & Conditions (Consignors)

This information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and must not be distributed to any third party, in whole or part, without our express permission.


  • Items will always be priced lower than retail irrespective of condition – whether brand new or preowned. All pricing includes our commission. We do not add a mark up.
  • Our exchange rate is always at a discount to the prevailing rate at the time of consignment.
  • We charge 20% commission for premium designer brands and 35% for non premium brands including Nigerian brands as well as clothing.
  • Sale price of consigned items will be agreed with the consignor. We reserve the right to turn down a price if out of touch with market reality.
  • Your payout will be sales price minus commission. Payout will also be in the currency of sale – Naira, Dollars or Pounds. We will not be able to convert across currencies for payout purposes.


We accept ONLY the following items:

  • Shoes – Brand new or ‘like new’ condition with full packaging where available.
  • Bags – Brand new or excellent condition (no structural defects) with dustbag.
  • Clothing – Brand new with tags.
  • Accessories – No defects.
  • Men Items – Brand new only
  • High Street Brands – Brand new only


  • We hold all inventory for a period of 60 days after which items may be returned if no sale.
  • If you wish for us to hold your item beyond 60 days, it will be automatically discounted to encourage sale. The discounts will apply as follows:
    • Brand New Items – 15% discount monthly until sold.
    • Preowned Items – 30% discount until sold.

Please note that no item will be held unsold beyond 120 days. We will contact you for item pick up once it reaches 120 days and remains unsold.


  • Payouts on sale will happen at the end of every month in the currency of sale.
  • Our commission and exchange rate used are non negotiable.
  • We encourage research on resale value of your items prior to consignment to understand our pricing structure better.
  • We reserve the right to reject items for consignment should they not meet our consignment standards.